KÄMMERER is a well-known producer of technical specialty papers and an expert for Wallcover solutions, both Nonwovens and Paper, Poster Paper, Pre-impregnated Decor Paper, Abrasive Base Paper and Electrical Grade Paper. Our company has a more than 210 years tradition of papermaking and supplies customer all over the world. Our products meet different requirements and individual properties to comply with the permanently changing customer needs.

We are a privately-owned company with a customer-oriented product portfolio and high technical expertise. Our quality customer service is an integral part of our day to day business. The fast decision making process guarantees the greatest possible efficiency.


Discover the Follmann Dimension

With groundbreaking, speciality chemicals for functionality and design, Follmann has helped its customers achieve their objectives since 1977: by means of our product’s qualities and as a fair and reliable partner.
Many technology and industry leaders rely on Follmann for giving their products an attractive appearance, feel and function. We have earned this trust by always acting in accordance with a consistent philosophy: Four core values that firmly integrate customer success, innovation and responsibility toward the environment and society into our corporate culture. These Values are part of the Follmann Dimension.

Creating ambience

From printing inks, plastisols, pigment preparations and scatter granules for wallpaper – we provide our customers with top quality finishing products that turn end products into real eye-catchers. As supplier of decorative wallpaper coatings, Follmann holds a leading position on the market.
From our locations in Germany, Great Britain, Russian Federation, China and Poland we not only supply a wide range of colors and structural materials, but also a high level of research + development, consulting and service to our customers.

For further information please visit: www.follmann.com.

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Studio for surface design

M-Design is based in Germany - Beverungen. It was founded in 1971 by the designer Rudolf Meyer. In 2018 the company was handed over to his son Edgar Meyer. The main business of M-Design is the creation and development of new wallpaper designs. The collection content hand drawn designs and designs created by computer and screen printing. As an additional service M-Design offers coloring works in screen printing as well. M-Design serves a national and international customer base.

Our design collection shows styles and techniques of several employed designers in many ways. The styles including among others the areas of effects, structures, ornaments, flowers and graphic, demonstrated with most different drawing methods. The collection is subject to a steady, market orientated change and hence guarantees to be always „up to date“. A further essential criterion is that we design in rapport and that the numbers of colors are considered. In close cooperation with our clients, we also work on designs with special customer wishes.

Our coloration service is either interesting for wallpaper producers whose coloration capacities are already fully occupied or for wholesalers who do not have their own prints at their disposal. We work with water and PVC color systems on paper or non-woven materials.

Since several decades M-Design is regulary represented at most important international fair‘s worldwide. Here we are showing our collection.

Visit us at the Heimtexil exhibition in Frankfurt, or at BUILD+DEKOR in Beijing and at the Indigo in Brussels.

Further information you get at: www.m-design-rm.de

Wetzel GmbH

Experts in Gravure

SAUERESSIG UNGRICHT surface solutions is a new brand with which Matthews International Corporation combines the Surfaces activities of Saueressig, Ungricht, Wetzel, Dornbusch and Saueressig Design Studio. This gives us strong technical expertise, particularly in wallpaper production, but also in tissue and hygiene products, nonwovens production, glass and metal processing and the wood-based products, flooring and plastics processing industries. In addition, we supply extensive expertise in surface design, which is mainly used in decor development, the automotive, leather and wallpaper industries.
The aim of this rebranding was to bundle the comprehensive Surfaces activities of our Group, to create a joint presence on the international market and thus to bring the comprehensive know-how from over 200 years of company history to market in a focused manner.


Total system solutions for wallcovering

SPGPrints was founded in 1941 and invented the rotary screen technology. Our headoffice is in Boxmeer, the Netherlands and through our world wide more than 15 sales and production offices and a network of local agents we support our customers with the best service and support possible.

You can visit our website www.spgprints.com or contact our sales department for more information.

SPGPrints offers the total rotary screen printing package in wallcovering, with production systems, in-register embossing, pre-press systems and consumables solutions, and a global sales/distribution network. We offer complete printing lines and modular/retrofit printing units. The multifunctional PD5 press allows non-stop production with a minimum of waste, when changing between flexo, rotogravure and rotary screen processes. Our exclusive in register printing and embossing technology also ensures the lowest possible waste. The in-register hot embossing system can be integrated into existing production lines. SPGPrints’ laser engraving systems offer a simplified, fast, fully digital pre-production workflow without film, minimal energy use, and pixel-perfect reproduction. The laser engraver, bestLEN 841x, allows ‘on the fly’ rastering for screens. The Morpheus laser is capable of engraving both rotary screens and flexo sleeves.

SPGPrints is well known for its nickel rotary screens. Special Screens’ ultra high mesh counts enable reproduction of fine details in 3D, printing particles such as glitter, up to size 300 μm. Our 2300 m² Technology Centre is one of the industry’s main innovation hubs. We constantly invest in new innovations specifically for wallcovering. These innovations are new and improved technologies to enable new opportunities and cost savings in the production of wallcoverings. In addition to our more than 50 years of experience in wallcovering technology we have the knowledge of your application, which enables to support our wallcover customers in the production of wallcoverings.